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Volunteer or Host an Event

There are a myriad of ways to help support the cause. If you're interested in volunteering, hosting an event, or contributing in anyway to help support WITH Grace, we'd love to help you take action!

Take Action: About Us


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Want to volunteer your time to a good cause? Want to help support cancer warriors and their families during trying times? Need to log volunteer hours? We're happy to have help! We can talk with you about any capacity of volunteering you'd like to contribute, and have special need for the following: 

  • Project leads/execution

  • Fundraising leads/follow up

  • Promotions

  • Networking | Community engagement

  • Donation pick ups | Distributing goods

  • Marketing | PR | Digital Media

  • Grant writing

  • Committee participation

  • And more!


Whether you're thinking of a one-time event or starting a group to help support our cause, hosting an event is a great way to support the cause! If you have an idea, such as an event hosted by you, your business, club, student group, or other organization, contact us and we'll help set up and execute the donations.

We also have a guide for you! It has been carefully and specially made by our Kids Committee Executive Director, Sofia, to give you all you need for a successful event. 



Want to make your special birthday even more meaningful by giving back? Why not do it WITH Grace! If you want to have a WITH Grace celebration, you can choose to celebrate your birthday by asking for donations to the WITH Grace Initiative instead of birthday gifts. Not all children are as fortunate as we are, and by asking for donations to WITH Grace, the funds that you raise will help provide joy to a young child fighting cancer in our area. We could supply a pediatric cancer patient with art supplies, crafts, or even contribute towards much needed therapy to help with the stress of being sick.

If you love this idea but it seems overwhelming to develop, don't worry! We'll help you navigate the process and prepare your party. Just send us an email if you are interested, and we will contact you right away to kickstart your birthday WITH Grace!

Contact us today and start getting involved!

Take Action: Get Involved
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