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Planning Activities, Making a Difference

Staying active and giving back is what Grace is all about, and we have lots of things to get done with this initiative! We have been delivering breakfast to pediatric cancer warriors and their caregivers, gathering donations for pediatric cancer families in need, working on a letter campaign to raise awareness, and talking to recently diagnosed kids. And this is only the beginning!

Grace has assembled a Kids Committee made up of a team of caring, excited, and driven kids to conquer key advocacy topics, build and execute ideas to spread awareness, and, most importantly, help kids fighting cancer. Stay tuned for updates from this empowered group of little leaders! Some of their most recent activities are highlighted below.

Besides the highlights below, you can keep up with all our latest updates on Grace's Blog or check out our day-to-day activities from our Instagram feed at the bottom of this page!

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The Kids Committee's main goal is to make an impact in the lives of kids with cancer. For kids, by kids, we come together to brainstorm ideas and then outline a plan to execute them. We are an empowered group of little leaders ready to find opportunities and to make a difference for this cause. Through team work, we are balancing the unique strengths that each of us bring and gaining the confidence to fulfill our potential. Learn more about our work by getting in touch with our team today by emailing us at:


With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies for continuing our cause even during challenging times such as the coronavirus pandemic. We collaborated with the Bagel Cafe of New Providence, NJ, to drop off food to pediatric cancer caregivers, warriors, and families, in local hospitals. It was a way for us to get out there and help care for those caring for our warriors and those actively in the fight. It spread some smiles, so mission accomplished! 

Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.

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We gave our first ever Conquering Kindness Award to Maximum Performance Dance Studio (MPD) in Stirling, NJ. MPD featured WITH Grace as their recital charity and actively spread awareness about the pediatric cancer cause and our organization. They have signed up to keep the collaboration going. We are so thankful and excited! We are also very appreciative that our Long Hill Township Mayor, Brendan Rae, was able to be present for the event. Thank you! Let's keep working together for the cause; we are stronger together!


Bagel Café in New Providence has received our first ever Impact Award! We've been able to make an impact and bring smiles to pediatric cancer warriors and their caregivers since March 2020 thanks to the support and generosity of the Bagel Café. Grace was honored to be able to formally thank Craig Bass, the owner of Bagel Café, with this award, which acknowledges a unique person who goes above and beyond to help others and make an impact in the community. We were also fortunate to have Al Morgan, the mayor of New Providence, with us for the presentation. We have more things planned with this collaboration, so stay tuned! And thank you, Craig and team, for your generosity. Your efforts have helped many!

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To help the initiative, you can donate today to immediately make an impact. All donations will go directly to the people and organizations we support.

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