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Awareness. Research. Direct Support.

WITH Grace was created to make an impact by supporting pediatric cancer research initiatives and families when they need it most. Wanting no one to feel alone, we connect and support pediatric cancer warriors. We collect supplies and gifts to give to less fortunate cancer families so they can focus on the fight. We gather funds to support pediatric cancer research initiatives and actively participate in awareness to the need for pediatric cancer funding so no one else has to feel the pain of this disease. We fund direct care initiatives to support the patient and their families. We inspire acts of kindness towards others WITH Grace.

Local foundations can really make an impact on a specific cause. These foundations bring awareness to causes that are underfunded and under communicated. We believe these local initiatives are approachable to local people in the community that can then mobilize for a cause. It inspires the power a "normal" person can have to make a difference that they can actually see in their community. We can operate at a local level but make an impact nationally. This is critical in the fight against pediatric cancer. 

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Grace is passionate about being the voice for kids with cancer. We continue to work at the local, state and national level to build awareness and to create and continue funding for this cause.



Pediatric cancer is significantly underfunded. We support research initiatives to find new treatments as well as address long term side effects for survivors.

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We make an impact through care kits for kids in the cancer fight, and their families, when they need it most. We have a special focus on those families that are most in need.

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See what we have been up to! Email us for our reports:

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To help the initiative, you can donate today to immediately make an impact. All donations will go directly to the people and organizations we support.

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Advocacy Photo (above center) by Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

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