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Family Friend. Board Member. Chief Strategist.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the passing of our dear friend and Board member Jane. Jane was instrumental in founding the WITH Grace Initiative and a best friend to Grace, Aubrey, and their entire family. An irreplaceable force, we hope that Jane knows how thankful we are for her love. She left her mark and we are the lucky ones that got to have her with us. She was an outstanding supporter of Grace and this initiative. Her beautiful, caring spirit will live on to impact others. We created the Jane Koppelman Spirit Grant to celebrate her life and carry on her giving spirit.

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Jane's Spirit Grant: About Us

Jane’s spirit of caring for others will live on through the Jane Koppelman Spirit Grant. Because the world needs more Jane's!

This grant within the WITH Grace Initiative will focus on making an impact with:

  • Scholarship grants to outstanding children in need to continue their education.

  • Entertainment, parties and styling initiatives for children in treatment.

  • Research grants to improve the lives of kids in the fight. 

Jane Koppelman was a talented and successful entrepreneur, an executive with over 30 years of experience. Jane had an exceptionally broad base of experience across all facets of business and worked at all levels with major manufacturers and retailers of children's apparel. Jane’s expertise encompassed all facets of retail, merchandising, and strategic brand positioning, marketing, product development, and production. Jane’s legacy was a gifted ability to work especially well in collaborative team environments. It was this career that allowed for her and Grace’s mom to cross paths on the train, commuting between Manhattan and New Jersey, and become friends before Grace was born. Jane is inspiring, as she never hesitated to jump in and help another person in need.

Jane was known as “Grace’s Personal Assistant” (P.A.). This began the day Grace lost her hair, and the rest is history. She was always with Grace through the good, the bad, and, of course, the ugly. She helped Grace's family get through treatment and beyond by watching Grace and entertaining her while her parents were working. Jane made sure Grace and the Elines had everything they needed. Jane helped Grace come up with her speeches and ways to help create awareness. She hoped that her impact through WITH Grace would be creative, out of the box, and got the job done, and she succeeded. The best part: Jane helped Grace with wardrobe decisions, and what better personal assistant could a little girl, thrust on to an international stage, have for wardrobe assistance than Jane?!

Jane's Spirit Grant: Text
Jane's Spirit Grant: Pro Gallery
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