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A Message from Our Founder, Grace:

Some of you may already know me, but for those who don’t, my name is Grace. I’m 15 years old and a freshman in high school. I love field hockey and baking and making art. I’m also really passionate about helping children with cancer.

When I was nine, I was diagnosed with Germinoma, a germ-cell brain tumor, and spent almost a year in and out of hospital receiving chemo and radiation treatments. Cancer is extremely hard on anybody, especially children and their families. That’s why my family and I founded the WITH Grace Initiative: to help young cancer patients and their families during the difficult times and to support urgently needed research into safer, more effective treatments for childhood cancers.

I’m on a mission to brighten the lives of children receiving cancer treatment in hospitals all across the country.


In treatment, I learned how even the smallest acts of kindness can make a patient’s treatment a little bit easier. Getting cancer changes your perspective and makes you face extremely hard challenges.

With your support, we can make a difference. 


Most importantly, we can make a difference that's on the personal level as well as on a large scale. The smallest thing can make a difference when childhood cancer comes into your life. Whether it's a Care Bag full of treats, self-care items, crafts, or things to brighten up a day, or providing our Wellness group so that those in treatment can connect and not feel alone or putting up holiday lights in the hospital so kids know that someone cares and providing family portraits so cancer families can capture a moment together. I understand better than most how small acts of kindness make a difference and will continue to do this work until there is a cure for all kids. We have delivered packages to 31 states and counting and I wanted you to see some of those that we have impacted thanks to supporters like you through our Faces of WITH Grace.

WITH gratitude and good vibes,


How Your Generosity Helps: About Us


Here are just some of who we serve, there are many more out there.


To help the initiative, you can donate today to immediately make an impact. All donations will go directly to the people and organizations we support.

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