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Grace's Dad
Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Dan Eline is most commonly known as “Grace’s Dad.” A career in technology and marketing for companies from QVC, Cantor Fitzgerald, the NBA, Cisco, Equinix through to Digital Realty, makes him the go-to tech guy. Outside of work, if he isn’t busy with his family, you can find him racing cars for charity to benefit pediatric cancer; something he has been a part of even before his daughter was diagnosed. His passion to make an impact for finding a cure has amplified ever since Grace’s diagnosis. He feels no family should have to go through this alone. He hopes that WITH Grace will help not only support the children, but also the family. Dan also hopes that serving as Chief Information Officer for WITH Grace will get its voice heard around the country so people know that childhood cancer is here and each one of us can make a difference.

Photo by Jodi Crandell Photography

Dan Eline
Dan Eline: Meet the Team
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