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Advisory Committee Director

Allison Kempe is a successful businesswoman currently heading up the Human Resources Talent Management team in a global industrial gases’ organization. Her expertise leading large-scale change management and talent development initiatives has provided her with opportunities to continuously learn and interact with people in countries all over the world. She holds two undergraduate degrees in business and communications from Syracuse University, and a Master of Arts Degree in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

In addition to her various accomplishments over her 25-year career, she is a dedicated mother to two wonderful children. Her son, Jeremy, has been a classmate and friend of Grace since Kindergarten.

Allison took an immediate liking to Grace from the beginning and was hit quite hard upon her diagnosis.  

Allison has a history of dedicating herself to making a difference in the lives of others. Whether shopping for the elderly, taking care of the environment, volunteering at a youth shelter, or raising money for the homeless, Allison has a passion for contributing to others.

Allison organized the Dance-A-Thon for the Valerie Fund for Grace’s 10th birthday and has been hooked on being part of Grace’s world ever since. She continues to be inspired by Grace’s positivity, maturity, and desire to help other children fight their cancer battles.

Allison Kempe
Allison Kempe: Meet the Team
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