• Grace Eline


As a cancer survivor, being NED (no evidence of disease), I meet other people like me. They have had cancer, went through treatment, and are now NED/in remission, and on the way to recovery. We all are similar, we have survived cancer. But there are some people who have had cancer, but do not have something in common. Some of the warriors battling cancer have not made it, and gained their angel wings along the way.

For me, that causes what is known as ‘survivors guilt’. This means that I have some form of guilt in me for surviving. I feel odd and weird that I am still living when others have passed. Many people all over the world get Survivors Guilt. It is common. But I try to put my guilt, to help others.

I am alive. I celebrate that. I try to be a voice for those who do not get to experience life any more. I advocate, as a voice, a representative for the angels silenced too early.

I try to use life as a gift, and do all that I can in the time that is given to me. I have side effects and other stuff that has happened to me since, but I tell myself, “I am here. These side effects are much better than others. I can breathe, and live, and that is a gift.” Many people do not understand the gift of life, and surviving is one of them.

Tell yourself, “Life is a gift, and I should use it. Who knows when my life will end, but who cares. I will live it till the day I die.” Even if you are not a survivor of some sort, live your life, help others, do what was destined for you to do.

Take the initiative. Make an impact.

WITH Grace.

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