• Grace Eline


One thing that I have learned from being alive and being a human in general, is that everybody gets stress. People get it in different ways and forms. Headaches, belly aches, the list goes on and on. Stress comes from many things. Upcoming dates, appointments, hearing something; you can truly get stress from anything on this earth. 

As a cancer survivor, I get stress from the tiniest of things. If I have  a minor headache I am scared that there is something wrong in my MRI. If I find a bruise, I am scared that I majorly hurt my bone. Now to the average person, these probably sound insane. But to me, and the many other cancer survivors, and other horrible diagnosis survivors, this is the reality.

I was diagnosed at an age where I didn’t totally understand what was going on with me. I knew that I had cancer, but couldn’t totally process it. Now, because of my experience, I have matured a bit, and I now understand what having cancer really meant. Having the treatment at the time wasn’t that stressful. After treatment is much more stressful though. Because I am older now and understand what is happening with me, it can be very scary. This is my stress. I am stressed when I am put into the MRI machine. I am scared when I get my bloodwork results back. Having a life changing experience, especially at a younger age, I now will have this kind of stress for the rest of my life. 

But stress is normal. Stress is ok. As long as you know that you are having stress, and can control it, you are okay. Cry if you need to. When it gets really bad. Punch a pillow when you are scared, and just getting overwhelmed with these crazy feelings. Have the moment, and move on. Tomorrow is a new day. In life there are infinite re-do’s. As long as you allow yourself to have them. 

Take the initiative. Make an impact. WITH Grace.

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