• Grace Eline

Loss and Surviving

Loss is a thing that many people deal with. It is okay to be sad when you lose somebody. It is good when you are happy about surviving something.

Dealing with a loss can be hard. It is okay to be sad and have feelings. That has happened to me many times. A year ago I lost a friend to cancer. A few months ago I lost another friend to cancer. Last week I lost another very close friend. But that is what drives me. It is why I wake up in the morning. It drives me. They could not have the life that I have. I am a survivor. The importance of my survivorship to me is so valuable. I do the work I do because of loss. I want to give kids diagnosed in the future, a chance to live. I want to keep on advocating, building awareness, and spreading the importance of childhood cancer to those who don’t know.

Join the cause today and save kids like me and my friends.

Take the initiative. Make an impact. WITH Grace.

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