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Getting Heard

In my journey with cancer, I learned a lot about the childhood cancer world! You may have too! Hearing this, I wanted to do something! I was in treatment at the time, but I thought to myself, “ Well, I could brainstorm some stuff! “ And that is exactly what I did! I began to draw people with clothing that had my treatment center in my hospital, ( the Valerie Fund) logo on it! I still have these drawings! Even something little that you enjoy doing, can create something awesome!!! But there is so much more than just that. You can do so many other things!!!

Raising awareness can be super easy but it also takes determination and dedication. You just have to mold it a bit to fit your style and what you enjoy doing!! Super simple!

Social media is a big influence these days. You can go on the internet and search up childhood cancer or anything else you are supporting for non profits. You can then get in contact with them and make magic!

Building! Do you enjoy building or stuff like that? Well, here’s something you may enjoy! You could build a stand to sell stuff! You could bake cookies, or sell T-shirts! The profits could go to the non- profit/ cause you support. These were just quick things that just can get your voice heard a little bit.

Here we will dive right into the more important stuff. You can go lobbying anywhere really. But the most popular is Washington D.C. as many government officials including the President are there. You can also go into your state capital, not just your nation’s capital. Look online. There are many ways to set appointments. You can search online. You can ask a friend or parent who knows how to set this stuff up. The list goes on and on. In these appointments talk to the official about the cause that you are supporting and why it is important to you. Then talk to him/her about what they can do to support this cause. Tell them acts or laws that they can pass, have them post on their social media about it, etc. . After your appointment talk to them consistently. It always helps!!

One other thing you could do is research organizations and initiatives that support the cause. When you find an initiative or organization that you like, look at their website if they have one or find their social media. Once you find any way to get their information read the bio in any personal information. Find out who started it, where they're from and any other information that you find interesting. This can help you so you can meet them or do any physical work with them. Then find out if they are doing any events like lobbying. If it is a place that you can make it to, reach out and ask what you can do to help. Talk to these people consistently, but always be open to talking to new initiatives!!!

Lastly, doing something that you love and putting it to the greater good. Maybe you love building. It is always good to think of many ideas on a daily basis. And when you get a really good one, right it down. Maybe you want to make a bake stand. You will sell cookies, cupcakes, and cakes! Since you love building and have an idea, get to work!!! If you have the supplies at home, awesome, but if not go get the supplies (unless you aren’t old enough, then talk to your parents). Put the profits to the cause you are supporting. Whether it is a hospital or an initiative or something else, it always makes a difference!!!! Realizing all of this impacted me to start our initiative.

Thank you for reading today’s blog!! I hope this helps you to get started and to get your voice heard!! Check out our other blogs!!! Also check our social media and website for more updates and to get involved with us!!!

Take the initiative. Make an impact.

WITH Grace

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