• Grace Eline

From Receiving To Giving

When we are young, we all want gifts. Lots of them. On our birthdays, Christmas, special events, anytime we can get them. But as you get older, you kind of realize that it is impolite and immature to ask for lots of gifts. It is more about giving, for the people who are experiencing this joy of receiving.

When I was really little, when I was born, my parents chose a charity for me. Mine was St. Judes. For my birthday, I would ask for donations instead of gifts. I loved receiving gifts, but I felt it was important to give. After treatment, I saw how many people wanted to give, but were not as fortunate as me to be able to have a chance. Some passed away before being able to help others. And that is why I give.

There are so many kids that are not as fortunate to have the things that I have. So I give. I want to help them, in any way shape or form.

I love being able to spread the joy and love to other people, so that one day, they can do the same for others. And then those can do the same for others. It will create a movement of love and joy that will help so many people. It is now my mission to give to others, instead of receiving.

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