• Grace Eline

Finding Magic In Everything

You can find magic in Everything! It’s as simple as that! Even if you think everything is bad and sad and all Negative, it is still possible. Because in my world, nothing is impossible. This blog will hopefully help and show you to see the light and magic in everything, because it is not impossible!!! And to quote myself, “Even if all you see is the dark, you can always find the light”. It means that even if you think nothing is positive and everything is bad, although it might not seem it at first, you can still find something positive!!!

Acknowledging the hardship

You need to find what is making you sad. I know it may be hard but you have to realize this, to help you solve your no magic life. Maybe you were supposed to see your friend and go for a bike ride. But it started to rain. And then you walk outside to put your bike back. But you fall. This is sad and bad.

Finding the magic

Even though you may think you cannot find the magic, you can. Let's do it!! Think of something good. Even the tiniest thing. Maybe you saw a beautiful and large butterfly. It was so amazing and caught your attention. Or, your cat/dog sat with you for a minute. That is something magical.

This will lead the way to you finding 5, 10, even 100 things that are magical!!!!

Never doubt your own power. Especially when it comes to finding the magic in the hardest and darkest of times.

Take the initiative. Make an impact.

WITH Grace

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