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Conquering Kindness

Kindness is a daily thing in my life. Whether it is emptying the dish washer while my mom is running, or giving my brother a hug when he is sad. It is the little things that count. Only once in a while will I do a grand gesture but for most of the time, simple is good for me.

One very important thing that I learned in my journey with cancer is that little things are much better than the big things. Specifically kindness.

I remember a year and half back in March 2019, I was in the hospital, delivering signs for the patients. And I saw a little girl on my way out. She was about 3 years old. And, her mom had gone to get food. She was supposed to get a new chemo bag hung and get her blood pressure taken (it is a routine, it happens about every hour and it can be annoying). She wanted to play with her toy and wouldn't listen to the doctor. So I came over and asked if I could help. We thought of a little thing that helped me before I got my new bag and blood pressure, we would dance and sing during it. I told her we would sit and get the routine done with one arm (with the IV on it because typically in treatment the blood pressure is done on the leg, fun fact!) And in the other hand she would shake her maraca. So the music therapist who was nearby played some random notes on the guitar. I grabbed a bongo. We started to sing, dance, and play! Even my doctor joined in! We could see all the nurses looking at us and smiling :). Even another kid, a little boy around 4-5 years old asked if he could get his routine done with us. He was very tired and drugged up so he only moved his arm, while the girl had a little bit more energy and could stand up after her BP. We had so much fun!

What I realized from that story was that I saw how much the little girl enjoyed the dancing and singing. Even though she was getting the routine done she was still happy. This showed me that the tiniest thing, a few instruments, made a little girl (and even the tired little boy) so happy and distracted from their pain. It shows me that I should value every little kind thing that happens to me.

I will always remember that story, and how I changed those 5 painful minutes of those kids lives.

That is what we are now doing at WITH Grace. Conquering Kindness :) (in a good way)

For the month of July, we challenge you to do an act of kindness each day! Share some of these online and on social media!

Thank you for reading!

Take the Initiative

Make an Impact.

WITH Grace.

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