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It is something that happens to all of us.

It doesn’t just come in one way. It comes in many different ways. Different ways in every person.  Maybe when you are on a bike ride and your fear is you will fall down. Maybe you start to sweat a little bit. And then more and more.  That is natural. It is your body’s way of letting you know that you have fear (and stress but I will get to that later:) ) .

Fear and stress are often connected.

When you are stressed it is often about what you have fear about and/or are currently fearing.  One of my BIGGEST fears is when I am at the doctor’s office and am waiting for results.  I am afraid that they will come in and give me bad news. It makes me sad to think about. It doesn’t happen a lot but I still fear it.  So that is my fear.  When I think about it over and over again that is me stressing. Stressing is my having fear of my fear.

A fear is something that you are afraid of.

In other words, scared. if you are scared of monkeys, bananas, or anything else. That is you being scared of monkeys or you have a fear of monkeys.  When I say stressing, I mean stressing is me having fear of my fear.  I mean that I am scared of my fear.  So by having stress I can do weird things and feel weird, different, or even new emotions.  A main sign of stress is when you think about it over and over again. You worry and think about it even when it is not in the present.

But, there are many thing that I try to do to avoid stress and fear. I want to share them with you.

As my mom likes to say “only focus on the now. Not the past or the future. Only focus on where you are now and who you’re with and that you are okay. Don’t bother to worry about the bad and the scary. Just focus on the now.”

This means just only focus and think about the now. What is happening NOW!!!

·  focus on what is happening now, in this moment

·  when something bad happens push it way, focus on a positive

·  be happy and do all that you can NOW

When you are sad think of happy memories and whatever makes you happy :) Know whatever you are going through may be very bad, you can feel that and need to feel that, but then you can find the light and you can find the positive in it. Then keep going.

I hope this can help you with whatever you may be going through. Thanks for reading and supporting this initiative.

Take the initiative. Make an impact. WITH Grace.

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